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Stripped Again is just a nice little tale about some college / university students and friends, and their day-to-day struggle for survival, including with the opposite sex. (Or rather, struggling to get sex!)

Stripped Again first got started in early 1997, and in January 2000 and all through that year the first 40 strips (already made, in Norwegian first and then translated to English) got uploaded onto the web. At the end of 2000 and onward, new strips were made on a more regular basis, in English. (And later translated to Norwegian... puh!) These days I make 'em in both languages right away...

Besides being hotlinked to and appearing on various websites (as well as being on the Keenspace site and of course this site), Stripped Again has also been in print, so far in Cre8 # 1 in 2002 in the USA (a California-based fanzine), in the University of Hartford's school paper, the Informer, in 2002-2003 (USA), as a guest strip in the Norwegian comic book Pondus in 2003 (# 3, 4 and 5), and in an issue of West Chester University's student paper, the Quad, in 2003 (USA). It was also running regularly in the nightlife magazine Utelivsguiden in Oslo, Norway in 2003-2004, with both new, longer strips, as well as older material. Stripped Again is now also in print in Bounce Magazine, an anthology of webcomics from all over, available in stores and online (see the Store for more details)...

I've also made a self-published comic book with 36 selected strips, originally made for the Raptus International Comics Festival in Bergen, Norway in 2002 (on sale here in the Store), as well as a promo-comic for the 2003 Raptus International Comics Festival featuring some longer strips made for Utelivsguiden, as well as some Summer, Halloween and Christmas/New Year's specials from this site.

Also a second comic book is now available in the Store (Stripped Again comic book 2 - Strips 63-99), originally made for the 2005 Raptus International Comics Festival and featuring (of course) strips 63-99.

Stripped Again - Sex-life, college life and other forms of life, squeezed into a comic strip...

Zack Zack - "The Sex-Crazed Freak"
- Shares flat with Brian and Oscar. Major player on the meat market. Studies philosophy (at least for the time being).
Tom Tom - "The Happy(?) Boyfriend"
- Lives with Julie, his girlfriend since high school. Good friend of Zack. Journalism major.
Julie Julie - "The Happy(?) Girlfriend"
- Lives with Tom, her boyfriend. Psychology major.
Oscar Oscar - "The Timid Computer Geek"
- Shares flat with Zack and Brian. Big data freak. Studies computer science. (Of course.)
Brian Brian - "The Not-So-Dumb Jock"
- Lives with Zack and Oscar. Political science major.
Monica Monica - "The Pissed-Off Art Student"
- Friend of Julie. Art major.
    Guest star:
Lacey Lacey - "The Chatty Blonde"
- Has a huge crush on Zack (much to his dismay). Marketing major.
Peter Peter - "The Slacker Rock Dude"
- Long-time friend of Zack. Works on and off, here and there.
Dr. Weidelsteen Dr. Weidelsteen - "The Doc"
- Sex therapist/ psychologist. Sometimes called in as expert for the media. Also Zack's shrink.
The Gang
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