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Here are some banners and buttons in case you feel like linking this comic strip site; also, if you wanna do some link exchange, mail me.

(Instructions at the bottom)

Button 1
234x60 - 3K
Button 2
120x50 - 4K
Button 3
116x54 - 3K
Button 4
130x105 - 4K
Button 5
130x105 - 4K
Button 6
117x103 - 6K
Banner 1
445x87 - 7K
Banner 2
468x60 - 7K
Banner 3
480x60 - 13K
Banner 4
529x62 - 7K

Banner and button instructions:

Just right-click on the banner or button you want, select "Save Image As..." or something similar, browse to where you want the graphic on your harddisk and click "Save". The HTML-code on your webpage would be something like this:

<p align="center"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="subfolder/filename.filetype" alt="Stripped Again - a comic strip by Morten B. Helland" width="size" height="size" border="0"></a></p>

where "subfolder" is the name of the subfolder where you keep your graphics (if you have one), "filename" is the name of the banner/button, "filetype" is the graphics-type, such as "gif" or "jpg", and "size" is the width and height in pixels.

Don't pull the graphics directly from this site; save them to your own harddisk and upload them to your web-server, along with your HTML-page.

Well, that's it! Now put your grandma's teeth in, give her a snack and get her working, and I'll be forever grateful... ;-)

The Gang
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