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Favorite comics and cartoons

Bloom County Berkeley Breathed Doonesbury
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Bloom County
My all-time favorite comic strip (and Outland was pretty damn good too). This is a great site, with lots of strips and pictures.
Berkeley Breathed
The mastermind behind Bloom County and Outland now has his own site! Check it out!
One of my favorite strips. Doonesbury's been around since the beginning of time (or at least the Seventies), and it's still got something to say. Get your daily dose here.
Hate Calvin & Hobbes Minimum Wage
Just a quick introduction to a great, but sadly now defunct comic book. Oh Buddy, Buddy, where the hell are you?
Calvin & Hobbes
Aah, what can one say that hasn't been said before? Nothing, I guess, but I'll say it it anyway: Fabulous strip. Suddenly I'm a kid again.
Minimum Wage
The author's own site, I believe. This is a wonderful comic book set in the more alternativish New York scene. Wish I could draw like this guy.
The Simpsons      
The Simpsons
Official site featuring my favorite cartoon family and one of the greatest sit-coms ever. Aye carumba!

Favorite publishers

Fantagraphics Drawn & Quarterly    
These guys have been, and still are, putting out some great alternative comics (including Love & Rockets, Naughty Bits, Minimum Wage and Hate).
Drawn & Quarterly
Publishers of excellent alternative stuff, including Julie Doucet's Pretty Plotte.
The Gang
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