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The Stripped Again Web Comic Picks

For July 2000: For August 2000: For September 2000: For October 2000:
The Parking Lot Is Full
Sick and twisted, yet hilarious and thought-provoking, The Parking Lot Is Full is the comic that aims for your funny-bone with a straight-razor and hits hard! Disturbingly funny!
Wendy, the online comic
Join Wendy and the gals in this quite hilarious, slightly weird and kinda manga-ish full-color comic!
Chopping Block
Feeling slightly evil? Want some killer jokes? Then pick up your hatchet and join Butch in his search for humanity... sorry, humans, in this hilarious comic by Lee Adam Herold. You'll laugh dying!
Scrag Ends
One of the greatest one-panel cartoons out there, this one always makes me laugh. Superb writing, superb artwork, twisted and funny, by Brian Hughes.
For November 2000: For December 2000: For January 2001: For March 2001:
Floating Henry Rollins Head Haiku
Just too weird and wild not to mention, this quite original comic strip is hysterically funny. And I'm even a Rollins fan...
One of the most popular webcomics out there, and it is quite good and funny too...
The Thin H Line
Twisted, sick and quite adult-oriented, this anime-style comic is really quite funny, if you're into that kinda thing. Not for the squeamish, though...
I guess you can't avoid these guys when talking about webcomics. Lots of good comics here, in all varieties, mostly daily.
For May 2001: For January 2002:    
Growing Up Goth
Well, I guess the title says it all. A funny, cute comic (in a sorta twisted, off-beat way) about this little 8-year old Goth girl growing up in a small country town. Sorta like Nemi as a kid, I guess... (Nemi is an excellent Norwegian comic strip featuring a grown-up Goth girl)
Tons of comic sites at this place (including a stripped-down version of Stripped Again), of varying quality though, but some quite good ones...
The Gang
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