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And here's some new, cheesy wallpaper for your desktops, just for the hell of it. So far there's two to choose from, in three different sizes for the corresponding screen resolutions. For those in need of wallpaper instructions, look below.

Wallpapers open in new browser-windows.

Wall Strip Thumbnail
Wall Strip
640x480 (90 K)
800x600 (139 K)
1024x768 (220 K)
Triple Strip Thumbnail
Triple Strip
640x480 (74 K)
800x600 (106 K)
1024x768 (152 K)

Wallpaper instructions:

Just click on the size that fits your screen resolution for the image you want, right-click on the full-size image that pops up and select "Set as wallpaper" or, alternatively, to save the image to your computer more permanently, select "Save image as..." instead, browse to where you want it on your harddisk, click "Save", minimize or close your browser windows, right-click on a blank part of the screen, select "Properties", then the "Background" tab, then "Browse..." to go to wherever you saved the image, double-click the image, click "OK", and voila!, your desktop is stripped... again!

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